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Castle Law Doctrine

On Tuesday, March 27, Governor Rick Perry (R) signed Senate Bill 378, NRA-supported "Castle Doctrine" legislation. Governor Perry's signature made Texas the first state to adopt "Castle Doctrine" legislation in 2007! SB 378 will protect individuals who use force to defend themselves in their home, car and their place of business or employment, from criminal prosecution and civil lawsuits. It also states that you have no "duty to retreat" from an attack if you are in a place where you have a right to be, if you did not provoke your attacker, and if you are not engaged in criminal activity yourself.

Governor Perry Signs Emergency Powers Bill Into Law!

On Friday April 27, Governor Rick Perry (R) signed into law Senate Bill 112, NRA-backed legislation to prevent the confiscation of firearms and ammunition from law-abiding citizens during a future state of emergency or natural disaster.
This important measure will ensure that what occurred in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina will never happen in Texas.

Texas Right-to-Carry Confidentiality Bill Heads to Governor Perry!

On Wednesday May 9 the Texas Senate gave final approval to House Bill 991. The Concealed Handgun License confidentiality (CHL) bill sponsored by State Representative Patrick Rose (D-Dripping Springs) and State Senator Bob Deuell (R-Greenville). The bill now goes to Governor Rick Perry (R) for his signature.
Passage of this measure to keep records of CHLs private for personal security reasons is the culmination of an effort that spanned three legislative sessions. The media aggressively opposed the measure and passage of HB 991 is a key victory for law-abiding Texas CHLs.

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